Company overview

Premium Capital Consultants is a Business Management Company based in the State of Qatar. We work with local and global organisations helping them to develop strategies and transform their business. We offer Equity and Expertise to existing business entities, achieving operational excellence through our custom-made value creation process.

We provide analysis, implementation and support for a wide range of business challenges, with delivery of performance improvement across diverse industrial and commercial sectors.

Our goal is always to work on our clients’ most complex challenges, helping them to shape and implement the changes that really matter to their business.


  • Innovative Business Solutions Provider


  • Providing Innovative Business Solutions for Basic & Complex Business Challenges by organizing relevant Equity and Expertise

Core Values

Premium Capital Consultant’s core values serve as the governing foundation of the company,

Commitment and Accountability

  • Fulfill responsibilities
  • Do the right thing, every time

Learning and Development

  • Constant development of our capabilities and talents
  • Create opportunities for business growth

Mutually-Beneficial Relationships

  • Listen, respect, and value diversified opinions
  • Build long-term relationship of trust

Excellence in All We Do

  • Enhance quality and sustainability
  • Deliver innovative solutions
  • Encourage new concepts
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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